Master Algrim, Eulers formula, oil painting on canvas, painted with natural pigments and purified walnut oil.
"The Most Beautiful Formulae in the World"
Oil painting on canvas 120x90 cm.

"The Strange and Beautiful Music of Primes"
Oil painting on canvas, 120x90 cm 

"It is incredible that man can count and find structures in numbers - but most  incomprehensible - is it, that by numbers, the universe can be comprehended"
Adapted, Albert Einstein, (1879 - 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate
"The Shadows of Counting Enlightens Cosmos"
Oil painting on canvas 80n x 70 cm.
There is a place, outside of time, where nothing fades – and never will –
Where symbols grow in harmony and nothing ever spill –
Where patterns with eternal might, will shine as light - in darkest night
To give us all eternal mind, so we never go astray!
There is a place, a sacred place, of living signs – you never kill
They have the soul of perfectness, and die they never will
You cannot find them all the time, but they are made for man to shine
In life on earth as well as stars, they form the cosmic meadow.
When anything, was not a thing, and not a thing was everything -
there was a Truth - a Freedom, that guided through it all!
From campfire in ancient times, with human shadows on the wall
from nothing to the galaxies, it was the cosmic meadow!
The patterns of eternity are there for you to find -
They form the cosmic meadow, and have been there all the time!
And in your proofs they come alive - you'll find flowers that are greater -
And in the patterns of it all - You Wonder -
Is this the Creator...                     
                                                                                                                                            Poem Dr. Buer                         

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