Johannes Paul II I received the inspiration to the painting when the news of his death became known. I saw a newspaper picture that I took care of. John Paul II’s death came out strongly on me. He was special … it was something large and sacred with him. At the same time he radiated compassion and kindness. When my dear mother Kaja Marie Algrim died that same year, my life was dominated by large sadness and discouragement.

I was «pregnant» with the painting for several years and after a long period that was very difficult for me was the work with the painting of John Paul II all that I needed to get ahead in life. The studio became a sacred room, where I found peace and strength to move on in life. I also managed to place the grief over my mother’s death at a level that I could live with. I had an incredible life experience in the 6-8 months it took to paint the painting. I have called the painting «Bless» – from the English word Blessing – that is used in Iceland for goodbye / “see you again”.

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