Florence.text.1000x590pxAlgrim is a contemporary artist who studied classic art, philosophy, art history and graphic arts.He also made numerous study tours around the world. Algrim applies an old-fashioned technique using an oil paint of his own recipe, similar to the old masters. This is a very comprehensive and slow technique that very few artists do today. Algrim do all the work himself and do not use assistants. He also makes drawings and graphical artworks.

Algrim is a pondering artist who seeks the transition between heaven and earth. His capability of visualizing the spiritual world is widely acknowledged. He has participated at a number of exhibitions at home and abroad, and his works are purchased by collectors, business companies and hotels all over Europe and the United States.

Algrim is much requested as a portrait painter and has portrayed a number of celebrities.

Flag_of_ItalyPer l’italiano, clicca qui

Award winning artist.

Algrim obtained the Best of Show Award in Gemart 2000 in the United States. Master Award in Art-tour International Florence, Italy. ATIM Award Art-International. He is also awarded as artist of the year and have received the crystal gift of honour.



Algrim «Zeta» oil-painting on canvas 120x90cm. Privat collection.
Visualise the Riemann zeta function and prime numbers, in cooperation with mathematician Dr.Buer


It may also happen that someone else are using the name» Algrim», in their art, cartoons or art related work.

These works should NOT be confused or be put in the context of ALGRIM’s paintings, drawings and graphic works.